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Clawson: The Name for Better Texas Home Insurance

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Clawson Home Insurance: Preserving Your Lone Star American Dream

At Clawson Insurance Agency Inc, we believe every house needs comprehensive homeowners insurance to truly feel like home. Knowing that your investment—probably the biggest you’ll make in life—will be protected through unexpected calamity or misfortune adds incomparable peace-of-mind. And regardless of where your home’s located, no matter its age, size, value or type, Clawson can customize a homeowners insurance policy to fit every budget.

For most people, home ownership is more than just an investment of money; a home is also a personal piece of the American dream and a storehouse of memories—memories of happy times, tough times, and of all the little ups and downs in between. Many homeowners also invest substantial time in do-it-yourself projects and repairs, etc.

Clawson Insurance Agency: Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work

You can trust Clawson Insurance Agency to shield you, your family and your investments. We work tirelessly for each client to find home insurance for every unique situation.

We’ll never suggest unnecessary coverages, either—this we promise. We’ll give you personalized attention, designing a customized home insurance policy. We’ll take the time to review and outline every aspect of the policy and answer all your questions. From beginning to end, we deliver topnotch results.

A Homeowners Insurance Agency That Sweats the Details

At Clawson Insurance, we carefully consider every detail of every policy we write—the big ones, the little ones, and each detail in between. We want to be the only agency you'll ever need for Texas home insurance.

Earn a Multi-Policy Discount with Clawson Home Insurance Agency

If you purchase home insurance through a Clawson carrier and already carry existing policies with us, there’s a good chance you’ll qualify for discounts. Whether you’re an existing Clawson policyholder or not, ask us about multiple-policy discounts when you bundle Texas home insurance with other policies.

Clawson: A Texas Home Insurance Agency that Exceeds Your Expectations

At Clawson Insurance, we’re privileged to partner with clients throughout the Lone Star State; we’re proud to exceed client expectations, too, and we’re committed to being there for each client who files a claim. We work to be there for every client every step of the way.

Contact Clawson Insurance Agency for a Free Texas Home Insurance Quote

Got questions about Texas home insurance? At Clawson Insurance, we’ve got the answers you need to make informed coverage decisions! If you’re ready to see how much you could save on Texas homeowners insurance, call Clawson Insurance Agency today at 979-849-7784! For a free online home insurance quote, fill out the quote form on this page!